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Assalamualaikum. Hi.

Malaysia is under Movement Control Order (MCO) right now due to COVID-19. I don't want to talk about the MCO itself because I can no longer process all the negative ridiculous things Malaysian did during this MCO.

Today I'm going to talk about what do I do during this MCO so far. People have been sharing their activities during MCO and I found some to be helpful. Here's mine ;

Making Dalgona Coffee
Day 1 - I started off the day like a usual lazy weekend. On my lazy weekends, I usually start my day with making myself a cup of coffee. However two days before MCO started, Dalgona Coffee started trending on Twitter so I tried making that coffee and now I'm all about the coffee. Luckily Ira, my little sister is home with me so I can ask her to make me one whenever I feel like it because after the first day, I'm too lazy to make my own Dalgona. Hahaha. Joke aside, I'm glad she decided to come to my house a day before MCO started. At least she's not alone without family members at her place.

Here the recipe of the famous Dalgona Coffee in case you can't found one but I doubt it because it's all over the place now. But of course I don't really follow the recipe because I know it'll be too sweet for me.

Dalgona Coffee

2 tea spoon of instant coffee (I use Nescafe Gold)
1 table spoon of sugar (I only put 1/2 table spoon)
2 table spoon of hot water
Fresh milk (I use Magnolia fresh milk)

Whisk instant coffee, sugar and hot water together until fluffy
Pour fresh milk in a cup/glass
Heat the milk in the microwave if you want it hot (I heated it at 50°C for 2 minutes) or put ice cube in the glass if you want it cold.
Pour the fluffy mixture into the cup/glass of fresh milk
Mix them well before drinking


On the first day I finished rereading Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince that stuck with me since December last year. Then I started reading Empayar by Teme Abdullah and finished it the next day. I was skeptical about the book at first because the language is too simple. Hahaha. But the strength of Teme Abdullah's writing is not on his words but the storyline. However that's just my opinion. I just read two of his book so far. Empayar and Pelukis Jalanan. Then I tried to pick up Brilliant Blunders where I last stopped and oh boy how I procrastinate from reading because of this book. So I decided to put it back on the shelf and read The Leviathan Wakes instead.

Leviathan Wakes is the first book of The Expanse novel series (the book is adapted into my ultimate favourite TV series) that consist of nine novels. I wanted to read Leviathan Wakes since long time ago but I stop myself each time just because it was at the bottom of my to read list. The reason why it was at the bottom of my to read list is not because I don't like the book but because it was the last book I bought despite my book buying ban and also because I don't want to finish the book without having the second book in my hand. It'll be a torture to have to wait for the second book to arrive. If you don't understand my cycle of thought, here I summarize it for you.

I need to finish all the books I bought earlier than Leviathan Wakes or I won't lift the book buying ban I impose on myself. So if I read Leviathan Wakes first without lifting the book buying ban, I won't be able to buy the second book and that's a torture. I feel like a psycho now after reading these sentences again. Also, since the TV series had just concluded its fourth season, I'm torn between reading the book in sequence according to its adaption on the screen or reading it all in, effectively spoiling the TV series for me. But yesterday I said to myself, let me deal with the torture and dilemma later. I just want to read Leviathan Wakes now! And so I do.

I know there are a lot of movies and series suggested by netizen but for now I'm content with Itaewon Class and season 4 of 1 Night 2 Days. I only watch them when I'm eating and only finished one episode each feeding sessions. Hahaha. I don't binge watch nowadays because I realized I always keep my hand busy when I'm watching something and the easiest thing to do is playing games on my phone but that didn't only keep my hand busy but also my eyes and attention and I'll neglect whatever movies or series on the TV. But now I'm on episode 10 of Itaewon Class, I'm starting to worry about what to watch next and being a picky watcher doesn't help at all.

Everything else
Other than the above activities, there are also boring activities like vacuuming and mopping the house, pruning and watering the plants, cooking and etc.

What's your activities during this MCO?

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  1. i wonder what's that brazenly saucy arrif doing during the MCO.

  2. My mum made the chocolate mocha version for the two of us since we're both prone to getting gastric from caffeine, and it's AMAZING. Very easy to do and super tasty!

    1. I haven't try to make the chocolate or mocha version yet. But yes agreed, it's super tasty and easy to make!

  3. i've been making dalgona coffee too. satu family suka. almost everyday buat sebab senang sangat resepi nya hahahah xD

    1. Right, it's super easy and delicious. Glad to hear your whole family loves it.

  4. Baru semalam buat Dalgona Coffee juga. Kemas kemas rumah je dan kerja rumah je setakat ni :)

    1. Ramai betul yang buat coffee ni. Hehehe. Ni dah sambung lagi, mesti dah tak tau nak kemas ape dah.

  5. dah mati kutu tatau buat apa.. at first rasa macam okay boleh kot bertahan hahaha but pusing kiri pusing kanan i feel like satu benda pun i cannot proceed.

    1. Kan? Mula-mula rasa takde ape ni boleh je bertahan. Sekarang dah mati kutu. Tapi nak blog pun malas jugak. Hehehe.

  6. Since Astro opened movies channels, I get addicted to watch movies.
    Other, I think it is same routine I do.

    1. It's a good thing Astro make the movie channels free at time like this. Takde la bosan sangat kan.


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