by - October 29, 2020

 Assalamualaikum. Hi.

Here, I present to you our kitchen's current condition. These past few days were challenging for me. It started during the weekend when I suddenly felt the urgent need to repaint our master bedroom. You know those days where you feel like you can do anything and you are so artsy and patient and you can finish a room makeover in a day. Bahaha. So I transferred everything from the master bedroom to the guest room. All by myself. Because Arrif and I had a small argument. He said, it's better for us to hire people to do that but I want to do it on my own because come on, it's just a paint job. We can do it ourselves. Besides, hiring people going to cost us extra money and I don't want to bear that cost. I love a little DIY and Arrif doesn't. So you figure, who's right and who's wrong here.

After both of us have cooled down, I told Arrif why not we add another plug point inside the room because we currently only have one plug point and it is located so far away from our bed and it annoys me to see the extension wire laying on the floor. Suddenly I added another extra cost. But wait, that's not all. I have another brilliant idea. After Arrif roughly calculated the cost of the wiring, I pause for some time and I came out with another idea. Why don't we install plaster ceiling in the bedroom so that we can avoid the cost of drilling the wall for wiring? Hahaha. Don't ask me where's the logic. From a little DIY project to plaster ceiling real fast. I also don't understand my (PMS) brain. But Arrif agreed to that and now we are still waiting for quotations for the plaster ceiling, wiring and painting. Yup, Arrif convinced me to let professional do their job including the paint. Tsk. And we are now living a nomad live in this guest room.

Yesterday, our kitchen contractor came to reinstall one of the cabinet door knob. It fell off and we can't reinstall it on our own because the knob thread is too short. Little did I know, they also change the hinges of the cabinet doors for I a reason I don't understand. And that required some drilling. For a day I wonder why there were dust everywhere I step. I just know about the drilling part today but I just don't have the willpower to be mad because I'm so tired today.

Why am I tired today? It was hot nowadays yeah? I had (what suppose to be) a short meeting at a client place. The appointment was at 10.00am. I was on my way when I got a call from the client. He had another meeting so he asked to postpone it to 10.30am. I can wait for 30 minutes, no problem. Long story short, I had to wait for an hour and a half in a airconless lobby. I went back to the office after that and went back home around 2.30pm because it's PKPB and we can only go to the office 3 days per week, 4 hours each day. I haven't had lunch at that time because I usually have my lunch at home since PKPB.

We are waiting for our food when Arrif told me there's no water. It's not possible because we didn't received any notice about water disruption. We were not affected when the whole Selangor face water disruption so why now? And then someone gave salam at our door. It was the contractor from the house below our unit. They just drill thru the ceiling and puncture our pipe so they close the water supply to our house. That's not the worse part. The worse part is they need to hack our floor so that they can repair the pipe. I was mad at that point. Not at the contractor but at our downstair neighbour. Just who the hell install a ceiling fan at a kitchen that small. Just put an aircond if you are that puteri lilin. Ooh the dust we have in the house after the floor hacking. We need to wait for the cement to harden before we can have our water back. I was about to clean the kitchen after Maghrib when I opened the kitchen tap and there's no water coming out of it while other tap in the house are working just fine. Arrif called the contractor and he said he will look into it tomorrow. We won't have water in the kitchen until the contractor figure out what's wrong. I don't bother cleaning the kitchen yet in case they are going to hack the floor back. So there goes why our kitchen looking like tongkang pecah right now.

There goes my disaster at home story. Ooh and guess where I had my lunch today? In the guest room aka our current bedroom. What a sad life. Please just let me have the weekend now!

I'm sorry you have to read my rant but thanks for reading anyway.



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