by - February 13, 2021

 Assalamualaikum. Hi.

What makes you happy?

Whenever I was present with that question, my answer was always coffee. Well, there are scientific reasons for that. When we drink coffee, caffeine enters our body and causes our body to release dopamine, the chemical that responsible for the happy feelings we experience.

But today that question makes me wonder, if I take caffeine out of the equation, what makes me happy? And I realize I'm happy when I feel content with my life. I'm happy when I feel thankful for everything I have. I'm happy when I make peace with people I hate in the past. I'm happy when I stop competing and comparing my life with others.

However, this happiness isn't always here to stay forever because I'm a normal human being. There are days where I feel my life is a mess and I don't have enough. There will be days where I envy other people's lives and I let myself consumed by greed and hatred. Ooh, it stresses me out just by thinking of those days.

But right now,  Alhamdulillah I feel content and enjoying this serenity. I'm happy to know I have Him, the trusted hand I put my whole life and existence. May this feeling is here to stay for a long time.

I'm sorry for this out of nowhere post. I think the evening sun put me into this mood.

Enjoy your long holiday everyone. Have a good rest and do what makes you happy while you are at it.


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