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Assalamualaikum. Hi.

I usually reserved my thought to myself because I understand not all people share the same view or opinion or have the same preferences as me. I understand people are free to have their own preferences. Their preference can be a total opposite of mine and that's okay. You can have a different type of favourite food, movies, music, books, hobbies, priorities, political views and there's no wrong to that as long as it is not against the law and religion. It's called 'celebrating differences'. It's not an alien concept but many people can't accept it when other people don't share the same opinion, preference, life value (etc) as them. Since I can tolerate these differences better than average, I rather keep my opinion to myself than let it out to the world. Which can be mistaken as ignorance by some people but I don't really mind. People can think whatever they want because I'm all about celebrating opinions. Well, I do mind a little but... nevermind.

But... Nevermind

It's a situation I often find myself in. When I said I'm all about celebrating opinions, it doesn't come easy. I have to restrain myself from giving comments which later can cause an awkward situation.  I'd read something or talking to someone that opinion didn't match mine and I was ready to argue but then I remember, it's not worth it. That's when my brain goes but... nevermind.

But... (hahaha here's when I'm contradicting my own words) it's a no brainer to put two contradicting things in one sentence. Here's an example which I twist from a real experience I had today.

"I'm not making a threat but I will make you suffer later. It's not a threat because I'll do it"

I was typing furiously trying to explain to the other party that they are wrong. That what they are denying doing is exactly what they are doing. In this context, making a threat. And then I stopped typing because if that's what they think, so be it. Nevermind. Whatever floats your boat.

Here's another one I experienced today. Someone was comparing two similar items that belong to two different leagues.

"Cheeseburger is better than wagyu steak"

But... One is a fast food and another one is a state of the art meal

Me inside.

My face


After reading this entire post back, I think the main reason why I reserved my thought to myself is that I find arguments are tiring and a waste of time. But I still believe in 'celebrating differences'. I'm sorry for this messy, all over the place post but this is a glimpse of what happened when I let my thought out. Messy and all over the place.

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