by - June 29, 2019

Assalamualaikum. Hi.

I have no problem parting with my items. My mum can vouch to this. Ooh the amount of clothes, books and handbags I throw away (read : send back to Terengganu for my mum to sort and figure out where they should end up hahaha). I even consider selling my nikah outfit because I'm not going to wear it again so why keep it? I asked a lot of people if I should sell my nikah dress or not and all of them except my little sister (another item thrower this one) said, keep it. The most extreme solution I got from them were rent it out but never sell it. I might thank them later but for now I just don't understand the point of keeping it. But I'm keeping it anyway. For now. There might come days where the minimalist in me feel overwhelm with all the possession that I never use anymore and I'll sell it. Hahaha.

Anyway, back to my other items. I was cleaning my self care drawer or makeup drawer as people usually call it. I can't call my drawer a makeup drawer because makeup only make 30% of the items inside the drawer. I'm one plain Jane. I was sorting my brooch case when I noticed there were questionable items in that case. I mean, those items have all the right to be in a brooch case (or jewelry case) but the fact that they were in my brooch case is unsettling for me. Hahaha. I can't be more dramatic am I?

Old watch : My old watch. This one was a gift from my mum when I got 8A's in my PMR. I took my PMR in 2004. Now you know how old I am. I wouldn't throw this away because this one is sentimental so it have the right to be in my brooch case.

RM1 coin : My best friend give it to me before we were best friend (but judging from the Bunny 💙 she wrote on the coin, she already love me. Hahaha). I'll just be perasan and think she gave it to me as bribe because she wanted to be my best friend. I'm cheap. Hahaha. So this one too have the right to be in brooch case

Rusty brooch : I don't remember when and where did I buy this brooch but I remember wearing it only few times and one of the few times was when I decided to renew my IC. So even if I throw this brooch away, I can still see it in my IC. Hahaha. But I love this unique dangling brooch, so I'll keep it.

Pandora like bracelet : I bought this in pasar malam in Bangi when I did my internship at a factory close to the pasar malam in 2011. I remember I was in my working uniform when I went to the pasar malam as I usually did every week (twice a week). One fateful day, I stumble upon this bracelet and bought it. I have no idea what was Pandora at that time.

Beads (?) bracelet : I think I bought this when I was in form 5 with a classmate. Hahaha. While other people started a business during school time, there was me always a buyer. I think I bought 2. I've throw the other one. It was RM10 each I think. I can't believe I even remember the price.

Mickey mouse bracelet : This was a gift from a secret admirer whom I never know who until now. Hahaha. I used to received so many gift from him. He always put it inside my table drawer. Chocolate, small bear, picture frame. You name it. But I like this bracelet the most because of the cute design. This was when I was in form 3.

All of these items are all now safe in the same brooch case. Hahaha. I can't seem to part with them. I guess when an item being with you for so long, you just become attached to it eventhough it's nothing special to you.

Attachement is one of the feeling that I'm afraid of. You being attached to item is okay but when you are attached to a person, it become dangerous. You never know when will the person go away, leave or grow tired of you. It's sad, really.

You can take precaution before this happened by loving yourself. Love yourself so much until you become a narcissist. But if you are currently strongly attached to someone, then start to divert your attention to something else so that when that person is no longer in your life, at least you have something else that you love. If you are already hurting, wake up, be strong and work to be the best version of yourself.

Wow that's random. But I mean all the thing I said above. That's all for now. Bye.

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  1. semuanya ada sentimental value ya

    1. ada yang takde sentimental value sangat pun tapi simpan jugak heheh

  2. i like reading the stories of your stuff. it is just so sweet. i'm an avid item thrower too! i just don't like the idea to get myself needing too many things. it was a hassle. i already made peace wearing the same thing over and over again.

    loving myself so i don't get attached has also been my current way of life. i choose not to let other decides what I should feel. it was hard though. it tooks months before i can honestly say that I can be on my own and myself is good enough.

    wow. look at my rambling.

    1. It's not easy sometimes to let go of your items. I'm still trying and yeah I agree it's not easy.

  3. I can't seem to part with some of the stuff in my possession. They are mostly my mother's. Her rings, her necklace, her keys, her gifts. I still use the iPod she bought me back in 2010, alhamdulillah that little devil is still working fine. I always keep stuff until certain time that makes me ready to throw them away.

    1. you should keep all of those items forever. they are priceless!

  4. Banyak kali dah jadi bila kemas barang - buang barang - bagi orang, tiba2 teringat dan nak barang tu balik 😂.

    1. Kadang-kadang I pun macam tu. Dah buang, eh tiba-tiba rasa nak pakai.


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