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Assalamualaikum. Hi

This going to be an entry where I justify all of my purchase hahaha so please bear with me. I always opt for online shopping because;

#1 It's convenient
#2 I'm too lazy to go out

But this month I just went overboard (according to my limit) with my online shopping. I usually just buy one or two items the most in a month. Last months, there were four items 😅

Bought this for Iqa (my little sister) from Lazada. Iqa is currently staying at the school hostel because she's going to sit for SPM this year. So when she requested to stay at the school hostel, my mum thought why not. With me and Ira are here in Selangor and there is only Angah the workaholic at home, practically there's nobody to monitor her. Also with current school syllabus who are we kidding? We won't be able to catch up. Hahaha. At least at hostel, she's going to have friends to help her with her homework and she will learn to be independent. So there was Iqa in need of new shoes but since it is a hostel we are talking about, a pair of expensive shoes usually won't last long. I'm not saying hostel students are bad but better be safe than sorry right? Asked her to choose one from the Lazada never ending list and she picked this one. Only cost me RM66. It's a size bigger for her but still a good purchase I think. But I will never buy my footwear online because I never know my size. They always change I don't know why.

I found Elon Musk book while I was strolling in MPH Rawang but it was the display and only copy left. So I didn't buy it. Weeks later I search for it again in Popular IOI but I haven't finished reading Endurance and to stay true to my 2018's resolution, to buy only one book at a time, I didn't buy it. I know you might ask what's the point of searching if I don't want to buy it yet? You know, just for assurance that the book is still around. Hahaha. Couple of weeks later, I searched for it in MPH My Town. Found it but I found Artemis first and again to stay true to my 2018's resolution, so I didn't buy it. Later did I know when I was ready for the book, it was gone. Missing from all bookstores (might or might not exaggerate). Long story short, I bought it from MPH online.

Now, about the Harry Potter dengan Batu Hikmat. Go on if you want to judge the title because my husband did laugh at me because I read such lame titles 😤. Now, onto the book, I grew up reading Harry Potter books thanks to my friend (now best friend) who introduced them to me. I borrowed them from her so I make it my dream to collect all of 7 books myself. The problem was, I read Malay version and can't bring myself to read English version. I tried and I cried to the fact English version's cover are cool and beautiful (refer first picture). And mind you, it was so hard looking for Malay version. I know MPH carry the books because I bought the last book (Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows or Harry Potter dan Azimat Maut) when I was in matriculation. Long story short, I broke my to-buy-one-book-at-a-time promise by purchasing this together with Elon Musk.

Btw, I usually buy books from physical bookstores because bookstores smells so good. Who agree with me?

I'm sorry I don't do #OOTD but I do #FOTD so here's the blouse picture together with yummy mee tarik I ate in IOI City last weekend. Oh my oh my I'm drooling. Bought the dress from this ig shop @deroseshop. The blouse was on sale. I bought it for RM30. An absolute steal! Okay now let us appreciate those meat cubes shall we?

I went to literally every pharmacy and drugstore in every malls I visited to buy Cetaphil Gentle cleanser because I almost finished my bottle. But it was sold out everywhere thanks to Cetaphil latest marketing strategy. I saw their ads and review almost everywhere on the net. But obviously they can't cope with all the demand 😪.  So I bought it from Shopee. Another product I got from Shopee is Garnier Micellar Water. Bought it after reading all the review heheh. This was my first time buying items from Shopee and the package was oily and smell like traditional ointment. I don't know who's fault it was, Shopee or Pos Laju but I pity the receiver of the broken package.

So now I'm looking for outer wear i.e jacket, cardigan, casual blazer. Please comment down below if you have any suggestion. Hahaha. And please let me know if you also shop online unnecessarily and what was the last thing you bought online so that I won't feel guilty alone.

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  1. I spent a lot for food on february heheh ^^ nice sharing btw!! :3

    1. I spent a lot on food too! Basically, I spent a lot T_T Thanks for reading ^_^

  2. boleh laa sy nk pinjam buku2 tu hahahah

    1. boleh tapi kena bayar sewa la >_<

    2. ok sbln rm0.10 je knnn😆

    3. sebab i mata duitan so up sikitla sehari rm5 hahaha

  3. Waahhh shopping sakan nampaknyaa.. hehe.. tp kasut tue nampak lawa pula ..

    1. Ramai betul yang berkenan dengan kasut tu. Boleh dapatkannya di Lazada. Hihihi. Tiba-tiba iklan tak berbayar